Plein air(ish) at last

Lanes Cove Path

Lanes Cove Path (oil)

I painted about half of this outdoors on the spot, and half indoors from a photo I took when I started painting. It finally forced me to work more loosely and to struggle with color as it appears (and changes) in real life.

5 responses to “Plein air(ish) at last

  1. Jac,
    Just wanted say Iv been keeping up with your work here and your paintings are evolving so well, just amazing to see ! keep up the great work and I hope to see some winter scenes. Hope you are well.
    Best Michael

    • Thank you! Bit by bit I’m learning how to do this. Pretty soon I’ll have a few autumn scenes finished and then, yes, I’ll try my hand at snow! Fun.

  2. Wow- this is amazing. This spot actually exists?
    Is this one of the oil paintings that you where struggling with- because you certainly figured it out. You have done an incredible job- the painting makes me feel the summer- shadows, beach roses, sandy path- bright sky.
    just lovely.

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