Art is simply a song to the absolute, a hymn of praise, gratitude and celebration, an outpouring of love. —Rupert Spira

You are the sweetness in all things.  —Francis Lucille

Wherever I’m living or staying these days, there’s inspiration for hymns of thanks and praise, and outpourings of love. In my awkward struggles to reflect back to Love what I find in the beloved scene, I can only try to keep tasting the sweetness in all things.

In the words of Atmananda Krishna Menon:

Objects serve only as symbols of the subject. The Self is the center of beauty, and changeless. The symbols are numerous but the center is only one, the inmost core of one’s being. Beauty is the real nature of the Self and is unlimited. Beauty anoints with its own gilt everything with which it comes into contact….

You may conceive beauty to be resting inside yourself and matter outside. When you discard the gross matter, along with the sense of “outside,” and reach the so-called inside, you find that the inside—being relative and the opposite of outside—has also vanished, leaving you alone as beauty, the Ultimate, beyond outside and inside.

Please see my Gallery page, where some of my pieces are for sale.

I’m also a coauthor, with Susan Lupone Stonis, of the Belly Books collection, board books specially designed to read to babies in the womb. Check us out at Cottage Door Press and on our blog, The Reading Womb.

You can contact me here.

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  1. Jacqueline,
    Your work is great! Do you know the artist Emile Bonnard ? You should check out his scetch book drawings.

  2. Jacqueline,
    Sorry the artist I spoke of was Pierre Bonnard not Emile. Its a book of drawings from 1893-1946. Very hard book to find!


  3. I found you on Ravelry; I love your crochet work; just fabulous. I then followed the trail and stopped by here… what you’ve written describes me to a T! I love the name, Restless Life Syndrome! You and I must be kindred spirits, as I’ve spent my entire life going from one creative adventure to another, just like a butterfly skipping from flower to flower. So far nothing has truly seemed to fulfill me and I also get discouraged very quickly, asking myself what’s the point?! I will say that crochet/fiber art seems to come the closest. I wish you luck in your venture; from my viewpoint you seem to have unlimited talents!

    • Thank you so much, and it’s great to know someone knows how I feel! We have to think that the point is just to let out whatever wants to come out of us, right? And keep reaching and hope to get somewhere? I’ll friend you on Ravelry for sure!

  4. Thanks for the new friendship; must say I’ve got goosebumps after taking a few more minutes to read through your posts… it’s not very often that a true connection happens, but it seems so now, at least for me. I took a bit more time to read through your posts… the small sketch and your introspection as a result; ditto! Everything I lean towards is small, controlled, within the lines… gad! This is why I feel freeform will help me to let go… got to let go! Yes, we press on, letting out what we must, what we have to, regardless of praise, acceptance, etc!

  5. Jacqueline,

    Thank you for sharing your work. Great work! I love the fact that you keep sketching! I share your admiration for Van Gogh. I copy drawings and paintings of Old Masters because there is so much to learn from them. Your oils look great: keep painting!

    – Tesh

    • Thank you. Wow, I love your Old Master copies. I’ll have to try that. Just took my first plein air painting workshop last week, but I have to put finishing touches on the results before I post them.

  6. Hi Jacqueline
    Thanks for calling by at my blog. I’ve enjoyed your bike ride sketches.
    I was interested by your reading to baby in uterio books. Interesting marketing idea. I discussed it with my wife. We wondered whether it might sell also by putting in grown up content in terms of illustrations and poetry rather than stuff aimed at babies, while keeping the reading out loud, strong rhythm concept. Pregnant mums get bored and after all the baby hears the cadence but does not appreciate the illustration.
    Cool concept anyway.

    • Thank you so much! I love your artwork and will keep exploring your blog. As for the more adult content, yes! You’re right, and that is one of our aims, in a gentle way. Our text is from the mother’s point of view and rather more complicated rhyme, imagery, and vocabulary than would be found in a baby book. The daddy book (coming out in 6 months or so) will be even more so. But on our WordPress blog, the Reading Womb, we advocate reading what you really love most, Shakespeare, anything. Thanks again!

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