I also love doing freeform crochet.

Freeform Crochet Bag (wool and mohair)

Here’s another of my oldest drawings, just some practicing with shells. The paper was old and stained, so I made a collage out of it by mounting it over handmade paper and gluing sand all around the shells.

Shells on Sand

Shells (charcoal pencil)

And here’s the painting I now remember was actually the second one I did last year, after the pears. I was working from a murky Polaroid photo, and you can tell. It’s an obvious beginning exercise, but it was exciting to do a landscape for the first time and figure out the layers of background, middle, and foreground. I keep almost gessoing over this but I have a soft spot for it.

Azalea (oil on canvas board)

Azalea (oil on canvas board)